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av.european tour

9 Oct 2004 - 21:30


av.european tour
j.frede - david brady - kadet kuhne
The 2004 av.european tour consist of 3 american artists working in the fields of video and audio. J.Frede, David Brady and Kadet Kuhne will be performing throughout europe during the month of October. Performing live each artist will be presenting their work in completely different approaches. From visually controlled sound to corrupted video to untreated repetitive motion, the combination of these three different styles promise an amazing set of performances. In this day and age, there is an overwhelming emergence of audio/video performances taking place in which the video has little or nothing to do with the audio that is being performed. the av.tour is designed to break this pattern; all of the audible and visual information will be directly relevant to each performance that is being presented.
J.Frede will be presenting his "repetitions series" for this tour. This work is based on rerepetitive motion and sound. Windmills, conveyor belts, search helicopters, and streams are some examples of the footage that has been shot for the series. Live, frede projects the un-edited video footage while processing the audio from the film in real time using various computer software. Source recordings from the location where the film was shot is worked into the composition. The end result is a live performance with of hypnotic visuals coupled with a subtle but dynamic soundtrack that is created live.
jfrede work example
Brady is currently exploring the corruption of video files as a live performance technique. For Bleary Clatter, Brady is using various software, rewriting the code, altering the visual information and audio in real time. The end result is ab- stractions in sound and image through glitch and corruption.
brady work example
Kadet will be presenting a process titled Vertical Scan. Using Max/Msp and Jitter, the visual information of the video triggers, transforms and manipulates the audio that has been chosen to correspond with the footage. The parameters of the process are controlled in real time allowing the artist to sculpt the sound live.