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14 Oct 2004 - 21:30

teil I:
Sven-Åke Johannson - percussion
Michael Renkel - guitarteil II:Tree
Chris Abrahams - electronics
Burkhard Beins - percussion
Andrea Ermke - electronics
Up and coming sampler player Andrea Ermke teaming up with The Necks?
Chris Abrahams, visiting from Sydney, and Burkhard Beins, just returned
from Rome, for this fairly exceptional outfit.
"No one ever said, 'Let's climb the tree'. Kids just started doing it
every afternoon when it wasn't pouring down rain. We came home from
school, shed bookbags, said, 'Hi, mom', and shot out the back door and
up that tree.
Every kid had a branch: his own branch. All were fairly close to each
other and not more than 30 feet off the ground. We sat there like a
pack of lemurs and talked about whatever it is kids talked about --
whether dry ice was real and if it would burn you to touch it. Whether
God was real. What was the best TV show." - anonymous -
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