28 Oct 2004 - 21:30
Nina Hitz



+ dj falikant

Liana Flu Winks
is a Rotterdam-based Scottish/Swiss/Dutch
trio that started performing in 2001. Differing musical backgrounds
& influences combined to create an eclectic confluence
of sonic situations.

Bassist/'cellist/organist Nina Hitz
also plays in the modern
ensembles 'The Barton Workshop' (based in the Netherlands)
& 'Daswirdas' (Switzerland), whose repertoire includes
works by John Cage & Morton Feldman. In her spare time
she has been known to cavort in the world of the baroque

Drummer/multi instrumentalist Wilf Plum
hit most of his
beats in the 'Dog Faced Hermans' & since their demise
he has played with 'De Kift', 'Rhythm Activism', Hendrik-Jan
de Stuntman & 'Donkey'. He is currently busy with the
'Ex Orchestra' & 'Runt' as well as LFW.
Lukas Simonis,
sometime guitarist
, is a valued force (he thinks) in the
electronic masquerade 'Coolhaven'. Previously he twanged
his strings with Trespassers W & Dull Schicksal.

sum total of the groaning weight of all this history results
in bewildering, easily digestible yet intrinsically heavyweight

Somewhere in the developed but abandoned area where Postrock
tussles with Easy Listening. There we must search.

LFW toured in
october 2002 with S.Spier and Coolhaven through middle Europe,
in june 2003 they did a small promo tour for their 'Liana
Celluloid'project in the Netherlands. Since then they've
been working on the forthcoming CD.

Lukas Simonis Homepage

Nina Hitz