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11 Nov 2004 - 21:30
Tim Olive

Tim Olive - bass
Nisikawa Bunsho - guitar, record player

Bunsho and Tim have been playing together as a duo since
August 2003. Nisikawa has performed with Alessandro
Bosetti, Annette Krebs, Andrea Neumann and M.Tetreault. Olive with Nakamura Toshimaru, Otomo Yoshihide, Sugimoto Taku and Unami Taku, and a long-term duo with Jeff Allport.
However, their music as a duo is perhaps louder and noisier than previous collaborations suggest. Based in Osaka, they have roots in the Osaka noise scene, and a non-doctrinaire approach to music making. A guitar, a broken record player and a bass with one string are used to create a wide range of textures and dynamics.
Not noise, but sometimes noisy.
Not "reductionism", but sometimes quiet.
With a full-length cd release on Gule Disk in June, the duo is currently organizing a European tour, set to begin in early November.
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Tim Olive
Nishikawa Bunsho