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24 Nov 2004 - 21:30

The group BLAST exists since 1989, initially based in the Netherlands,
more international. Over the years, BLAST developed a characteristic
contemporary composition with the use of elements out of rock &
jazz,written for challanging instrumentation of acoustic & electric
Particular aspects of BLAST are: complex rythm structures,chromatic
counterpoints & non-tonal improvisations. This line-up works at a
form of music in wich composition and improvisation are integrated in
each other as much as possible. They work on the development of new
ways of notation and interplay to achieve this. A way of playing in
wich time
is used with an outmost flexibility, and where the players are
conductors at same time. They make use of notation techniques such as
graphical wri-
ting, polymetrics, free choice of parameters, etc. All this in order to
make less
harsh transitions between the improvised and composed material.