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3 Dec 2004 - 21:30

Ignaz Schick - electronics, turntables
Chris Abrahams - yamaha DX7
Ignaz Schick (turntable solo)

Chris Abrahams (dX7)
Ignaz Schick (electronics)

DJ Tim Tetzner (Staubgold, Dense)

Ignaz Schick (Berlin, D)
electronics, devices, objects, turntables * 1972

Studied the saxophone for several years in the mid 80s and started at the same time to experiment with analog sampling methods and multi-track recording. While and after college touring with various (free) jazz, experimental and improvised music projects.

From 1992 a three years collaboration with composer J.A. Riedl as an assistant and musician for several festival productions - at the same time a short but intense phase at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.
There his interest shifted strongly towards found objects, selfmade devices and electronics - among others he uses a wide array of contact mics and pick-ups which are treated and manipulated with various objects and techniques.

Lives in Berlin since 1995 where he has been working with numerous groups and musicians of the younger generation (often labeled as the "Berlin Nouvelle Vague").
The main focus is on electro-acoustic music, object & field recordings and sound art.

In 1998 he founded "Edition Zangi" followed by the label "Zarek" in 2000.
Within the last years he has organized & produced many events, concert series & international festivals of experimental music in Berlin and elsewhere. Also he worked as guest curator for different organisations (Garage Stralsund, Staatsbank Berlin, Freunde Guter Musik Berlin, ...) . Since early 2004 he is sales manager for the electronic music label Staalplaat Amsterdam/Berlin.

Extensive touring has led him to Austria, the Balkans, Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, UK, USA, Balkans (...) and he had several radio broadcasts (DRS II, BR II, ORF-Kunstradio, DLF, ...)

* SOLO (Tabit, Metaflexes)
* PERLONEX with Joerg Maria Zeger & Burkhard Beins
* AMPLIFIED BODY with Snjezana Premus (SLO)
* PETIT PALE with Andrea Neumann
* DURRANT/SCHICK/BEINS with Phil Durrant and Burkhard Beins
* LAWLER/SCHICK with Keenan Lawler (USA)
* PHOSPHOR with A.Doerner, Robin Hayward, M.Renkel, Annette Krebs, A.Neumann & B.Beins
* DECOLLAGE 3 as the only group with Ignaz Schick on saxophone
* DUOS with Chris Abrahams (AUS), Thomas Ankersmit (NL), Thomas Charbonnel, (F) Gunnar Geisse (D) & Jacek Staniszewski (PL)
* DUO with the butoh dancer Mayumi Fukuzaki (J)

Bonner Herbst, Donaueschinger Musiktage, Forum Stadtpark (Graz), Echtzeitmusiktage (Berlin), Festival fuer Andere Musik (Berlin), Garage (Stralsund), 2:13 Festival (Athens & Berlin), Jazz & More Festival (Munich), Terza Prattica/ Gaudeamus (Amsterdam), IZ(Z)VEN (Maribor/SLO) Rumor 19 (Utrecht), Musique Action (Nancy), Int. Night of Noise (NYC), Aural Anatomy (Pittsburgh), Fruits de Mhères (France), WienBerlin, Verbindingen/Jonctions (Bruxelles), Mesto Zensk (Ljubljana/SLO), Kryptonale (Berlin), Hoerkunstfestival Erlangen, pianOH Stichting Logos (Ghent), Erase & Reset Berlin, Festival of Experimental Music @ TU Mensa Munich, Fotones (Bruxelles), Sound Shift/Big Sur Experimental Music Festival (Big Sur, California), Space & Place (Berlin), Stare ueber (Museumsinsel Berlin), perlon.extensions (Podewil Berlin)...

Thomas Ankersmit, Zoro Babel, Mathias Bauer, Alessandro Bosetti, Marc Boukouya, Tony Buck, Xavier Charles, Don Cherry, Matt Davis, Rhodri Davies, Jim Denley, Phil Durrant, Steven Garling, Bernd Jestram, Coti K, Jason Kahn, Dominik Kowalczyk, Borut Krzisnik, Christoph Kurzmann, Kalle Laar, Keenan Lawler, Ronald Lippock, Greg Malcolm, Stephan Mathieu, Charlemagne Palestine, Jim Pepper, Jon Raskin, Gino Robair, Keith Rowe, Olaf Rupp, Bob Rutman, Stol, Martin Tetreault, Torben Tilly, Sebi Tramontana, Nikos Veliotis, Ruppert Volz, Jenny Ward, Mark Wastell, Wu Wei, Marc Weiser, Stevie Wishart, ...
Chris Abrahams
One of the most distinctive keyboardists Australia has produced, Chris was born in 1961 in New Zealand but came to Sydney by way of Nigeria at an early age. He first came to public attention as pianist and chief composer for The Benders. With them he recorded three albums and toured overseas to India, Cuba, the UK and Europe.

In 1993 he toured the world for nine months as keyboard player with Midnight Oil. Currently he performs and composes with Melanie Oxley, and The Hunting Party. He has released three highly-acclaimed solo piano albums. Chris has also been pivotal in the local revival of interest in the Hammond organ.

Abrahams is one of Sydney's most in-demand session players, having appeared on over 50 albums with the likes of The Laughing Clowns, The Triffids, The Church, The Jackson Code, The Whitlams, Stephen Cummings, Karma County, Wendy Matthews and The Sparklers.

He has recorded over 60 of his own compositions or co-compositions, and has been covered by such artists as Stephen Cummings, and Vika and Linda Bull. Chris has production credit on albums by The Benders and Melanie Oxley, as well as having composed half a dozen movie soundtracks.

Chris has been voted Best Keyboardist for two years running in the Rolling Stone Critics' Awards.