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15 Dec 2004 - 21:30

Program Dec 15th:
Takahiko Iimura/Takehisa Kosugi - Ma: Space/Time in the Garden of Ryoan-Ji
1989, 16mm, color, sound, 20 minutes

The early sixteenth-century Japanese garden in the Zen temple of Ryoan-ji, in Kyoto, is considered a masterpiece of the karesansui or "dry landscape" style...In this film, the viewer is invited to experience the garden as an embodiment of ma, a Japanese concept that conveys both time and space.
Art on Screen, edited by Nadine Covert, New York
Robert Ashley: Music with Roots in the Aether (The Alvin Lucier Part)
A video portrait of composer Alvin Lucier, produced and directed by Robert Ashley.
It includes performances of:
"Outlines of Persons and Things" (1975)
"Bird and Person Dyning" (1975)
"Music for Solo Performer" (1965)
"Music with Roots in the Aether is a music-theater piece in color video. It is the final version of an idea that I had thought about and worked on for a few years: to make a very large collaborative piece with other composers whose music I like. The collaborative aspect of Music with Roots in the Aether is in the theater of the interviews, at least primarily, and I am indebted to all of the composers involved for their generosity in allowing me to portray them in this manner.
The visual style for showing the music being made became the "theater" (the stage) for the interviews, and the portraits of the composers were designed to happen in that style." Robert Ashley
Music with Roots