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don't panic: pat cadigan

16 Dec 2004 - 20:00

Lesung auf Englisch!

Pat Cadigan reads from her Dore Konstantin novels: "Tea From An Empty Cup", "Dervish Is Digital" and from the as-yet unpublished manuscript of "Reality Used To Be A Friend of Mine".
"In a world of lies, who will find the truth?
In a city of false faces, who will discover your identity?"
Dore Konstantin.
Detective Lieutenant, AR Division.
Dore Konstantin novels blend mystery, detection and questions of identity in fascinating thrillers. In the near future, Japan has been destroyed by earthquakes, its people distributed around the globe. But there are rumours in the world of Artificial Reality that beneath the fantasies of Post-Apocalyptic Noo Yawk Sitty and other adventure scenarios, there lurks a secret and hidden level - a recreation of old Japan.
gefördert vom Kulturamt Pankow