nothingisonething from Julia Rodriguez & Lee Meir

6 Jun 2017 - 20:00
6 Jun 2017 - 23:00



a mini-residency showing at ausland

Julia Rodríguez & Lee Méir


doors at 20h / evening begins at 21h


Julia Rodriguez and Lee Méir are two artists who share a desire to dwell in the spaces left between words and meaning, thought and experience. Throughout their various individual artistic explorations, they research forms which allow them to de- and  re-construct their relationship to language. Julia and Lee have played in a country band, had endless conversations about art making and all that, this is however, their first one on one encounter in the studio space. In the residency week at ausland they will exchange writing, speech and song practices, and generate together scores that explore the movement of spoken language, its possibilities and limitations in time and space, the composition of speech and its social performativity.




Lee Méir is an artist working in choreography and performance between Berlin and Tel-Aviv. Her works examine states of paradox, rhythm, and the tension between words and actions. Her works have been presented a.o in contexts such as: Tanz im August (Berlin), Brighton festival, The Suzanne Della Center, Tel-Aviv. In 2013 She completed Choreography studies at HZT-Berlin. Lee is currently developing and performing her solo series fourteen functional failures, presented in venues such as Roter Salon, Volksbühne, ausland Berlin and Tanzquartier Wien. In January 2018 together with Roni Katz and group of middle eastern female artists, she will create Across the middle, Past the East, an alternative feminist Cabaret at Sophiensaele, Berlin.  Alongside her solo work Lee works in various collaborative formats, seeing it as a way to challenge the the conceptual authority of a single idea/artist. She enjoys collaborations with artists such as deufert&plischke, Jasmin Ihraç, Maya Weinberg, André Lewski, a.o.


Julia Rodríguez is a Mexican-born artist that lives and works most of the time in Berlin.  Her artistic practice is situated within the performing arts  field and unfolds in various environments. In her current work, she explores the gap between words and meaning, the politics of expectation, and the juxtaposition between the personal and the fictional. She choreographs speeches, situations and dances that point to places beyond their immediate recognition. Furthermore she develops projects with other artists both as a collaborator and as a performer. Her own work and collaborations have been presented in Berlin, Montpellier, Amsterdam and Mexico. Julia concluded the BA programme in „dance, context, choreography" at the Interdisciplinary University of Dance Berlin and was a recipient of DanceWeb scholarship at Impuls Tanz Festival 2014 in Vienna.