NOW - site-specific sound intervention

13 Jun 2018 - 20:00
Now - Sound Intervention by Julie Faubert @ ausland © Julie Faubert

NOW is a site-specific sound intervention that amalgamates together the singular collective history/actuality of ausland, auslanders close relationship to experimental music and arts, and the very spatial situation of ausland: it’s spaces, ways of encountering in space, ways of occupying ausland spaces. During a month, I will be attending most of ausland’s events, activities; talking with ausland members; listening to some recordings that were done there: being there in that space. From these numerous hours of recordings on site, I will create a site-specific sound situation unfolding through different listening positions in ausland. This sound situation will act both as a way of complexifying the experience of ausland as a site, an encounter, a narrative of people, objects, events; and as a collective listening experience that unsettles the relation between intimacy and publicness. I think of these spatial experiences as a manner to put things, the world, and sense itself into question. I am looking for a constant agitation of the tiny line between fiction (the possible / imaginaries) and the real (what is there, concretely, in a place), appealing to a specific kind of attention and presence.


On the opening day, visitors will be invited to share in a site-specific collective listening situation. In addition to listening, you are invited to join us for drinks, snacks, discussions.

Awarded and supported by APPLAUS