Olivier Heinry

Born 1974 in France, I graduated in 2000 from Rennes fine arts school. After early performances with the Ex-TV & PlugAnd.play collectives, I was introduced to the stage by Bruno Pocheron and have since been mainly working as a sound and video designer with French & German choreographers (Isabelle Schad/Good Work Productions, Amaraoui/Burner, David Rolland, Blanca Li) and theater directors (Judith Depaule, Thierry Bédard). I'm involved in the free software / network scene with the Servideo & Crealab collectives.
Also performing with PureData under the Gary Glitcher pseudo.


20 Jun 2010 - 21:00

A man sitting, reels of video tape slowly swallowing him, the space gets filled with random cutups, stutters and glitches from prepared CDs. A Performance by Olivier Heinry (sound, open source software) and Jean-Gérald Dorseuil (dance)