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Paul Schwingenschlögl

Professional free-lance musician since 1986. Moved from Vienna to Berlin in 1988 where he is performing with his own groups COUNTERBLAST 11, AFRICAN CHASE EXPERIENCE, DUO CINEMA and participating in many other bands like MANIVOLANTI, TABOO, NAKADI, AFRO BERLIN SOUNDCHECK, ABRASAZ and DERNIER METRO.
Works also as a musician for theatre, film and studio and as composer for many groups. His composing style is very unique, drawing both from contemporary classical music, jazz, funk and avant-garde rock.
Concert activities include tours in Hungary, Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Ouzbekistan and Egypt, playing with renowned jazz musicians such as Gil Evans, Lew Soloff, George Adams, Misha Mengelberg, Lol Coxhill, Joe Sachse and Joachim Kühn but also with musicians from West Africa, Egypt and India at world music festivals in Amsterdam, Paris and Barcelona.
He made several live radio recordings in Berlin (SFB, Radio Brandenburg), Hamburg (NDR 4), Paris (Radio France) and Austria (Ö 1) and won the following awards: Austrian Young Composers Award, Berlin Studio Award, Berlin Jazz Composition Award.


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“Fructus Spiritus”, 2007 Konnex
Manfred Schulze Bläserquintett „Konzertino“, 1995, FMP CD 70
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Encounter Culture #2: Danube Blues

23 Nov 2013 - 20:30

Encounter Culture #2: Danube Blues

The recent phenomenon of the extreme right in Hungary directly affects the life of artists trying to live and work in the region, it has caused a mass exodus but also an upsurge of new oppositional and creative energy.

For this event organised by ausland and auxxx, 4 Central European artists are invited to perform together their own improvised Danube Blues. They will reflect on and discuss their personal experiences of living in and leaving the region...

Rudi Fischerlehner: drums
Kata Kovács: movement
Paul Schwingenschloegl: trumpet, flugelhorn
Zsolt Sores: viola, objects, electronics

Set 1: live improvised music and movement
Set 2: open discussion moderated by Mathias Maschat
Set 3: live improvised music and movement
(each set ca. 30 min)