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PERLONEX was founded in late 1998 and has since then extensively performed and toured numerous countries. Over the years PERLONEX have created a unique mix of different styles – settling somewhere in the no man’s land between electro-acoustic, industrial noise, ambient, minimal and often even incorporate elements of psychedelic music. On their extensive tours they have performed in an extreme range of different settings; from academic new music festivals via improv and electronica venues to rough underground and punk/noise clubs and many prominent festivals all over Europe, the USA and Russia.

Although Perlonex normally don’t perform with guests they have made a few exceptions and teamed up with Keith Rowe (tabletop guitar), Charlemagne Palestine (grand piano, keyboards) for the perlonex.tensions festival in 2004 and with Mike Cooper (slide guitar, vocals) for the Time Shifts project in 2007. They also often collaborate with the german visual artist Ulrike Flaig who adds live video feedback.

In Autumn 2004 Perlonex invited two guests, Keith Rowe & Charlemagne Palestine,  to join the trio for each one set at the Berlin Podewil. The event was called perlonex.tenions and was released as a 2CD on Nexsound. The meeting with Charlemagne Palestine turned into a very special and magic event,  both  in a musical and personal sense. Since that time every once in a while Perlonex teams up with Palestine and he has become a frequent guest to the group. Meanwhile more than half a dozen of Perloenx & Palestine concerts took place in cities like Geneva, Paris, Bouronne, Vienna, Graz, Bologna, Metz ... and the music has become more and more intense. Another live double CD is due for relase on the US label Important Records soon.

FAM (Berlin), Garage (Stralsund), Loop Festival (Berlin), Interzone Festival (Berlin), Ludwig’s Lust (Hamburg), Postfuhramt (Berlin), Gaudeamus Festival (Amsterdam), IZ(Z)VEN (Maribor-SLO), Rumor Festival (Utrecht), Musique Action Festival (Nancy), Int. Night of Noise (New York City), Aural Anatomy (Pittsburgh), Foton Factory (Bruxelles), Kryptonale (Berlin), Hoerkunstfestival (Erlangen), Fotones (Bruxelles), Fruits de Mheres (F), Stare Ueber Berlin (D), perlonex.tensions Berlin (D), Kill Your Timid Notion (Dundee, UK), SKIFF St.Petersburg (RUS), Fete De La Musique (Geneva), Open Music Graz, Jeunesse Musicales Vienna, Petit Laboratoire Luxembourg, Time Shifts Berlin, Maerzmusik Berlin, Angelica Bologna (I),   ...

Perlonex Bad Alchemy #35 7” EP Bad Alchemy 2000
Perlonex Perlonex CD Zarek 2000
Perlonex peripherique CD Zarek 2001
Perlonex/JuliJuni With Enemies Like These Who Needs Friends
Split-LP Happy Zloty 2003
Perlonex +Keith Rowe/Charlemagne Palestine perlonex.tensions
2CD Nexsound 2006


Perlonex - The Gothenborg Tapes, "2CD,  2008
Perlonex & Charlemagne Palestine "It aint necessarily so"
2CD Important Records 2009

Perlonex + Charlemagne Palestine

13 Dec 2008 - 20:30


Ignaz Schick (sine waves, turntable, objects)
Joerg Maria Zeger (guitars, effects)
Burkhard Beins (percussion, objects)
& Charlemagne Palestine (piano, vocals) read more »