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16 Jun 2023 - 20:00
16 Jun 2023 - 23:59

Gorgyra is a project by Azin Zahedi, an Iranian-born artist based in Berlin. As Gorgyara, a river nymph of the underworlds, she dives deep into her new levels, combining traditional memory with dreamlike visions.

In her DJ sets, Marylou delicately mixes traditional and contemporary music/sound together, weaving the delicate web of noise, nature, improvisation, and a dose of psychedelic avant-garde.

Yuliia Vlaskina, aka super inter, is a Ukrainian composer and producer and a member of the Kiev underground electronic music scene. She participates as a sound engineer and technical editor, as well as host of the radio show "To Hear Is To Feel" on Cashmere Radio. Her glitchy sound often comes from field recordings, sketching the air of the time.

TICKETS: 10€ pre-sale, 12€ door-sale