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plants vs. animals / Rupp & Fischerlehner

11 Jan 2015 - 20:00
plants vs. animals / Rupp & Fischerlehner © by the artists

record release: Live at Lydfestival Aarhus

Olaf Rupp - git
Rudi Fischerlehner - dr

olaf rupp, recently touring with noise free jazz outfit die dicken finger featuring peter brötzmann, soloist, member of weird weapons with buck and williamson, applying flamenco techniques and
on the other hand not building every idea but also jumping from thought to thought, more pierre schaeffer than
i think everything he does nowadays is free improvised 
rudi fischerlehner also involved in lots of rock and electronic stuff, fiium shaarrk, gorilla mask and his duo with ex-monotekktoni
they did different stuff together before, especially RMF is around for quite some time but müller couldn't make it to denmark and surprisingly the gig was
makes me think of late 90ies post rock bands at times, loud guitars and drums, but here complexity comes out accidentally as a result of their improvised interplay and is not pre 
other episodes seem to be mostly about sound and texture, some unbewusst connection
a three day utopian hang with the aarhus crew, badun, institut for x, good for
the rest is

a new cd out:
Live at Lydfestival Aarhus
recorded September 2014 at Lydfestival Aarhus
total time 38’23”
frec5 / Bad Alchemy BA 84
Release date: 12. Januar 2015

plants vs. animals

Liz Allbee, Christina Ertl, Melodie Fenez, Felicity Mangan and Ute Wassermann work with sounds inspired by plants and animals and also sounds created by animals and plants.
For this evening they will team up for a plant/animal super-group and will roar, rustle, grunt, crackle, pop, cark...and bring synthesized nature to ausland.

Liz Allbee: trumpets
Christina Ertl/plants and empire: plants, plant recorders and amplifiers, field recordings
Melodie Fenez/a.melodie: plant synth
Felicity Mangan: fieldrecordings
Ute Wassermann: voice and birdwhistles

Doors: 20:00, Beginn 20:30