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Pôm Bouvier b

Pôm Bouvier b is an electracoustic composer and she also experiments sound with improvisation or sound installations.
She describ her music as a body music, because of physical implication it require from her and from the audience. During years, she has had plural artistic practices before she began playing music in 2007. Her music is an exploration of materials, creation and transformation of materials.
She proposes sound paths that would awake this constantly passing between inside us and surrounding world.
She also works in collaboration with choreographers (William Petit- Mathilde Monfreux) filmmaker (François Billaud) and musicians (Cati Delolme-Floy Krouchi- David Merlo)
She has had music commissions from Ensemble Télémaque and gmem-CNCM marseille She is supported and followed by gmem-CNCM Marseille since 2012.
She has given several workshop for students or mixt audience.
1985-1990 School Art of Grenoble and Lyon 2004 INAsoundstechnics 2006 -2011 learnt electroacoustic composition with Lucie Prodhomme, Marseille 2008 first student price / concours Métamorphose , Bruxelles Her compositions have been performed in France , Festival REEVOX and Trans'électroacoustique gmem-CNCM-marseille/// Festival Sonorités (Montpellier) /// Festival Futura (Crest) ////Festival Nuit bleue d'Elektrophonie (Arc-et-Senans)////presence electronique, GRM Paris//////instants Chavirés, Paris/// festival Les Musiques, Marseille. and in Bruxelles, Athènes, Buenos Aires.

Pôm Bouvier b presents Sis_Mic

22 Sep 2016 - 20:30
22 Sep 2016 - 23:59

Pôm Bouvier b presents her new electroacoustic work "Sis_Mic"

Doors 20:30 - Start 21:00