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Princessin Hans


Princessin Hans grew up on Berlin's punk literature and queer kabarett stages, and is made up of Hans Kellett and Jörg Hochapfel, often working together with various guest musicians. With a playfully deconstructive attitude they blur conventional clichés of celebrity and identity while juggling musical genres like some folks juggle knives.

The duo have made a name for themselves not only with their brazen mix of cabaret, jazz and punk – but also for the vibrancy of their live performances. The audience are welcomed into sensual imaginary spaces where anything is possible and everyone is part of the spectacle. 

Baby Dee///Victor Herrero///Princessin Hans

1 May 2015 - 21:00

Baby Dee

Victor Herrero solo

Princessin Hans

Tickets will be available only at the door - be there early!!!!

Door opens 20:30