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Raphaël Ortis

Raphaël Ortis

Born in 1975 in Geneva, bass player and composer, draws an inspiration ceaselessly renewed to the sources of his multiple musical memberships. Inspired by the freedom of the improvised music as much as by the rigor of the orchestral writing, he chose an approach determinedly turned to the use of the instrument in a non conventional way.

He is a member of the jazz trio Plaistow, the 2 basses duet Léon, as well as the IMO (Insubordinations Meta Orchestra).

He is also a part of the Insubordinations association which organize a series of monthly concerts.

He collaborates or collaborated in particular with Andréa Parkins, Jacques Demierre, Jens Winther, Michel Wintsch, Pierre Audétat, Simon Berz, Gregoire Maret, Alexandre Babel, Sylvain Darrifourcq, Lionel Friedli, Simon Berz, Vincent Membrez, Cyril Bondi, Johann Bourquenez, Cyril Regamey, d’incise, Antoine Läng, Marc Perrenoud, Vinz Vonlanthen, Dragos Tara, Laurent Bruttin, Hans Koch, Jonas Kocher, Yannick Barman, Joao Pedro Viegas, Jan Schlegel, Cyril Moulas, Patricia Bosshard, Noémie Cotton, Miguel Mira, Sam Albert, Michel Maurer, Christian Graf, Raphaël Pedroli, Yann Altermath, Fred Bürki, Francesco Miccolis, Rocco Lombardi, Francesco Salis, Olivier Magistra, Sylvain Grimm, Manu Linder, Julien Revilloud, Gabriel Zufferey.