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raudio aasland 4 : outlandish sounds for outspoken ears

23 Sep 2009 - 20:00

raudio aasland : eine wöchentliche radiosendung vom ausland / mittwochs 20-21 uhr / livestream unter, und im radio auf 99.1 mhz

raudio aasland : weekly radioshow / wednesdays 8-9 pm (CEST) / livestream, on air 99.1 mhz

herbstradio ist ein projekt von klubradio und radiopiloten, mit radiostudios im haus der kulturen der welt und in der lottumstrasse. herbstradio ist ein 3-monatiges radioprojekt mit Beteiligung der freien radioszene in berlin.

herbstradio is a 3 month long project organised by klubradio and radiopiloten featuring artists of the free cultural art radio scene of Berlin.


raudio aasland 4 : outlandish sounds for outspoken ears

gregor hotz, mastermind of the experimental concert series "biegungen im ausland", will lead you through this programme.
you will hear some outlandish sounds - field recordings and a few selected recordings from one of the recently played biegungen concerts.
there will be a phoneline to the studio, and some honoured guests : musicians, friends, or other organizers of concerts. we will discuss future scenarios for the cultural space ausland - the way it works, what it wants to be or how it should be managed.
during the one hour programme the listeners are invited to call in and ask anything they've always wanted to know about ausland. tell us what you like or hate about ausland!
the phone number for the studio at haus der kulturen der welt is 0049 (0) 30 397 87 105.