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RAW CHICKS.BERLIN - online release event + concert

27 Apr 2018 - 20:00

RAW CHICKS celebrates the online-release of the music documentary "RAW CHICKS.BERLIN" and the Berlin Premiere of two additional portraits, featuring Ercklentz/Neumann live on stage and with Janoshi on the turntables before and afterwards.

Doors 20:00, concert & films 21:00 | admission: 6-9

live concert:
Sabine Ercklentz ‒ trumpet, electronics
Andrea Neumann ‒ inside piano, mixer
+ screening:
"RAW CHICKS.BERLIN" - portrait:
Ercklentz/Neumann (Germany | Berlin)

film screening:
"RAW CHICKS.BERLIN" (D 2017, 105min)
director: Beate Kunath
w/ Anna Bolena (Italy | Berlin), Electr°cute / Singing Kitchen (Poland | Berlin), Ercklentz/Neumann (Germany | Berlin), Kritzkom (France | Berlin), Ksen. / Tomislav (Croatia | Berlin), Kyoka (Japan | Berlin), Hithertoo (Czech Republic | Berlin), Mimicof / Midori Hirano (Japan | Berlin), Rona Geffen (Israel | Berlin), Silnaye (Spain | Berlin), Ziúr (Germany | Berlin)
From April 27th 2018 the music documentary "RAW CHICKS.BERLIN" will be available for streaming and download worldwide.
Trailer: |

premiere screening:
"RAW CHICKS.BERLIN" - additional portraits:
Fågelle  (Sweden | Berlin)
Marta Zapparoli  (Italy | Berlin)

Interational Film Festival Rotterdam about
"Intriguing beats and visuals suck us into a world of experimentation with electronic music, or rather sound. Classically trained duo Ercklentz Neumann for example describe themselves as sound fetishists, while Electrocute uses sparks in her audio-visual performances. The documentary is not only an ode to the 11 artists, but also to Berlin. The women come from all over the world – from Israel and Spain to Croatia and Japan – attracted by Berlin's lively music scene and opportunities. They want to get on, and not only in music. Because our language, explains Italian DJ Anna Bolena, is made for men, not women: 'We experiment daily trying to improve that old language."

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