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The Ready Orchestra: It's about time!

2 Sep 2016 - 20:00
It's about time!

door: 19:00, beginn: 20:00

free entrance

May it be in slow-motion or in a rush, time is abused to give an illusion of control over events, history, feelings or bodies. For a limited moment, a multiplicity of actions will offer a escapade from rules and controls; by the end, if some bpm is still audible, let's see if we wanna dance !

The Ready Orchestra is an encounter between various personalities and back-grounds invited for who they are.

The Ready Orchestra are among others:

Rieko - viola
Penelope Gkika - violin
Maria Koltsida - keyboard
Valentina Bellanova - flutes
Bianca G. -  vocals
Verónica Mota - Analogue Synthesizers & Ritualistic Objects
Rosi - voice & electronics
Jean P'ark - keys & electronics
Manon Parent – violin
ulrikebrigitte – electric guitare
Claudia Fox – piano
Moldy Horse – synthetiser
Djaimal – bass drum
Shirin, Lena, Anna, Chrifo – k.a
Gili BenZvi – k.a.
Niki Matita – mics
WJM – mixer + md, cdj, mic
Any – voice, electronics
Emma – k.a.
Casey Moir – voice
Nadja Mississipi – trombone
Johanna – une vieille guitare acoustique qui fait mal aux doigts
Sonia Noya, syntheticbody