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Red Monky & Leila Bordreuil

29 Jan 2017 - 20:00
Red Monky & Leila Bordreuil

doors: 20:00 / start: 21:00

Red Monky

Manon Parent
Miriam Siebenstädt

Red Monky is an open performance group dealing with the relationships between sound andmovement in improvisation. It questions how boundaries between these two mediums can be interestingly blurred and/or redefined. Red Monky is also a platform for artists who are actively researching on the subjects of feminism and/or gender.
This pluri-disciplinary project being based on sharing practices and opinions, the question of artistic and human collaboration and how this collaboration is given space to and organized, is central to our reflection. Finding space and time to deepen our encounters and build proper, longer, fertile relationships between artists, enables us to pay attention to certain questions : How to exchange information, and tools, especially coming from different art forms ? How can learning about each other's practice can inform our own practice and enrich it? To which level of understanding can we get and how can it be used in a research context and a performative context? How does and how can working in such a way come across to the audience ?

Leila Bordreuil

solo cello

Leila Bordreuil is a Brooklyn based cellist and composer from France. She works in the realm of Noise music, improvisation and sound-art. Her cello playing is often improvised, and mainly focuses on texture variations and a collage of phantom overtones and pitched utterances. Through an original vocabulary of extended techniques, preparations, and imaginative amplification methods, her instrument is used as an abstract resonant body to challenge conventional cello practice. Her composed works draw from a similar texture-based musical aesthetic, but also focus on the relationship between sound and space. Bordreuil's collaborative projects include duos with Michael Foster and Tamio Shiraishi, a trio with Sean Ali and Joanna Mattrey, and the no-wave band “Signal Break”. Her work has been showcased at the Whitney Museum, MoMA, the Stone, Ftarri (JP), Cafe Oto (UK), and many basements across the US. She is currently an artist-in-residence at Issue Project Room.