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Roger Turner


Has been working as an improvising percussionist since the early 1970’s : solo work, collaborations with experimental rock musics & open - form song, extensive work with dance, film and visual artists, workshop formations  and the hands-on politics of independent record labels and work situations, plus involvements in numerous jazz-based ensembles have all contributed to this process.
Has collaborated with many of the finest european & international musicians from annette peacock to phil minton, cecil taylor to keith rowe , charles gayle to eugene chadbourne; tours & concerts have been throughout europe, australia, canada, u.s.a., mexico, china and japan.
‘he has a virtuosity as astounding as it is inexplicably hilarious. i have rarely heard such an exquisite combination of volcanic power and finely- honed precision.’ the wire 1986

‘one of the giants of  free improvisation’ the wire 2001.

Kaufmann/Lee/Leimgruber/Turner + Nishikaze

22 Oct 2011 - 22:00

Achim Kaufmann - Klavier
Okkyung Lee - Cello
Urs Leimgruber - Saxofone
Roger Turner - Schlagzeug

Makiko Nishikaze - solo piano works
- forest-piano (1998)
- resonae-piani (2011) UA


9 Jul 2022 - 20:30

Yasmine Azaiez – violin
Patrick Crossland – trombone
Michel Doneda – saxophone
Alexander Frangenheim – double bass
Roger Turner – percussion
Andreas Voccia – modular synthesizer

The musicians play in a sextet formation as well as in various sub-formations.