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James Rushford & Joe Talia // Voluptuous

18 May 2013 - 20:30
James Rushford & Joe Talia

one duo plus one trio...

...all the way from Australia:

James Rushford (violin / electronics)
Joe Talia (electronics)

(new record: "manhunter" / Kye rec.)

...from 3 other directions:


Roy Carroll (computer, loudspeakers)
Julyen Hamilton (piano)
Miles Perkin (double bass)

Voluptuous on soundcloud:

Doors 20:30h, concerts 21:30h.

James Rushford and Joe Talia are a Melbourne-based duo active since 2008. Performing with viola, piano, synthesizer, tape machine, drums and percussion, the duo creates ecstatic and confronting environments that play with the very limits of instrumental, recording and performative capabilities. At times static, at times fragmented, their work fluidly leaps and lingers between the cracks of classical spectralism, avant-garde improvisation and musique concrète.

Most recently, the duo is very proud to release their third album, Manhunter, through New York label Kye (curated by Graham Lambkin). Again, a radical reimagining of the duo’s language has been undertaken, with Manhunter discarding the ‘refined’ timbres of hi-fi electronics, percussion, piano and strings, instead favouring extremely radical recording techniques and a highly conceptual approach to sound sources (e.g. interior field recording, VHS dubbing, animal sounds, incidental noises etc.). The result is an extreme contrast to the duo’s previous releases - an exploration of the mundane, the crude and the unnerving.