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scrapple record release

15 Feb 2009 - 23:00
AB Duo Pogie Tunebook

Scrapple Records ten year anniversary and CD release party [CD - Too Much for a Pogie]

AB Duo - Aaron Meicht and Brendan Dougherty (trumpet, percussion and electronics)
performing Tunebooks by Jeremy Woodruff
Chris Heenan, winds
Andrew Hamilton, violin
Ranjit Prasad, bass/e-bass
Kamila Marcinkowska, baroque bassoon
Jan Terstegen, e-guitar and fx

CD - Too Much for a Pogie by AB Duo.
Tunebook by Jeremy Woodruff (realized by AB Duo). Tunebook includes recordings of Seth Meicht and Jeremy Woodruff on saxophones and flute. Created in New York City and Berlin, Germany from July-September 2007 (Pogie) and July-November 2008 (Tunebook).