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Sébastien Beliah

Sébastien Beliah; photo by Okamoto Joji

is a Paris-based double bass player and composer. His work is mainly focused on improvisation and oral composition (R.mutt), relationship between composed music and improvisation (ensemble hodos), and new approach of jazz (duo w/laurent pascal). He is part of the umlaut crew in France. Sébastien Beliah is also deeply involved in the field of education, and teach double bass and improvisation at the Reims Conservatory.

Umlaut Festival Berlin 2012

17 Feb 2012 - 20:00

Ensemble Hodos plays Cage, Wolff & Corner

Didier Lasserre - sur quelque surfaces vacantes

Burkhard Beins & Derek Shirley

9/6€, doors open 20:00, concert starts 21:00