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Sick Girls

Sick Girls

myspace sais:

************************************************************************** the SICK GIRLS are about true love for music and in-ya-face-partying. we used to organize and book parties for many years for two of the main underground clubs in berlin - Tresor and WMF-before we played together the first time just for the fun of it in 2004. well, we needed only ten minutes to find out that we share the same, quite unusual taste in music considering our oh-so techno environment, and stayed together as Sick Girls since then. we love to combine, edit or remix whatever track, whatever style attracts us, no matter if it's a major or underground production. so what do we like then? GRIME DIRTY SOUTH CRUNK BASHMENT BAILE FUNK DANCEHALL HIP HOP BOOTY D&B ELEKTRO BREAKBEATS RAGGA DUB HAPPY HARDCORE ACID MASH-UPS BLENDS B'MORE AND MORE AND MORE. AND BASS. so now you know. *******************************************************************

PUTTY HILL Baltimore Club Premiere Party

17 Feb 2010 - 22:00
Donna Sommer, Sick Girls & DJ Fett at PUTTY HILL

Matt Porterfield's PUTTY HILL Baltimore Club Premiere Party with DJ Fett (Planet Rock, Bomb Mitte), DJ Donna Summer (Nightshifters, Birthday Party Berlin, Cock Rock Disco), Sick Girls