31 Mar 2019 - 19:00

Sisterloops, Hilá Lahav & ...

a mixture of concert & performance at ausland

doors open at:  19h

performances begin at:  20h




Sisterloops is a performative sound art and noise duo with the artists Alexandra Nilsson (Stockholm, Sweden) and Marie Gavois (Dortmund, Germany). For Sisterloops, sound, action and image are always equal components of their work. They expose details and frictions; they make the extremely strict become wilderness.


Sisterloops are nasty academics,

strictly wild, brutally feminine,

we are amplified knives.


material – cuts and whines, scratches, bursts and shrieks_

physical – direct action_ savage_

script / lyrical / narrative_

who speaks and who makes noise?_

I: . . . :II




Hilá Lahav presents:  Music For Shadow Theater


For the past four years, the musician Hilà Lahav (flutes and things) has been researching and creating shadow theater and animation, alongside her musical path and her training in shadow-proofing and dog worshipping. 

Music For Shadow Theater is a musical research question, an attempt to cast light (and shadow!) on traces, transferences, projections, echos and loops, evading their maker and escaping their signifiers. a non-committed, yet bound, non-linear story in the telling.