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The duo ΣΩΜΑ (SOMA) was founded in Berlin in 2005, being the outcome of a long artistic partnership between the musicians Antonis Anissegos and Thymios Atzakas.


The duο’s work focuses on the creative fusion of composition and improvisation, where links between experienced and ideal sound are constantly being formed and deformed. During the last four years, a number of exceptional musicians have performed live with Antonis Anissegos and Thymios Atzakas. Some of them, such as Sokratis Sinopoulos (kemence), the Iranian Βijan Chemirani (tombak) and the Chinese Wu Wei (sheng), represent internationally recognizable music traditions.

«One of the most interesting and important challenges facing musicians of the younger generation is the creation of new soundworlds through the fusion of different musical styles and disciplines. To achieve a successful amalgamation requires deep knowledge of the instruments and their repertoire and history, and perhaps also a predominant style that forms the spine of the project in question. SOMA – a group formed in Berlin by two leading Greek musicians, Antonis Anissegos and Thimios Atzakas – use their roots in the folk-music of Greece as a starting point for explorations over a wide area, from the ancient modality to more contemporary strands of jazz and avant-garde improvisation.The group’s approach is inextricably linked to the nature of their instruments. The musicians are at home in a variety of different styles, bringing with themindividual talents and ideas developed through studies and projects all over the world that have a direct bearing on the ensemble. Their works are part composition, part improvisation, creating a freamwork that showcases the unique qualities of each instrument.»

(text: Adrian Brendel)



ΣΩΜΑ & Shoji Hano

8 Apr 2011 - 21:00

ΣΩΜΑ & Shoji Hano
Antonis Anissegos, piano

Thymios Atzakas, guitar
Shoji Hano, drums