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SuperCollider Symposium 2010 II

24 Sep 2010 - 22:00
Inactive Supercollider

Fredrik Olofsson -- redUniform
redUniform is an audiovisual performance pieces where I take the role of a sad clown with great fascination for red spheres and noisy sounds. The concept, music, visuals and electronics were all developed during a six months residency at IAMAS, Japan 2008.

Yvan Volochine -- o.T.
Live Improvisation

Alo Allik -- f(x)
f(x) is an audiovisual exploration of 3-dimensional continuous cellular automata. During the performance, the behavior of the automata world is affected in real time to reveal complex and organic patterns in audio and visuals, that are conceptually and pshysically independent from each other.

Chad McKinney and LAG -- Neuromedusae II
Neuromedusae II is a recent work by Lag that utilizes our custom made "Medusa System". This system allows the performers to collaborate together across the internet to create and manipulate feedback matrices. In particular Neuromedusae II focuses on feedback between several impulse response based SuperCollider synths. During the performance Curtis McKinney will be present in Berlin while the other members are distributed across the Unites States.

Mark Rossi -- Untitled (parts I-IV)
Evolved from a simple idea, this work extrapolates similar forms and events from different sources as the internal structure is modified in real-time. Visually, the process is revealed, and then dies, mirroring the nature of the work.

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