TATV#3 temporary autonomous tele vision

11 Mar 2022 - 12:00
13 Mar 2022 - 23:59




Leaving format dogmas and time constraints behind T.A.T.V. is an autonomous zone to test drive
a micro republic of experimental performance practices, a T.V. station touching its limits of
Rendering absurd profitableness and commodification of art as an easily consumable
product in our optimized lifestyles is one of the objectives of this undertaking.
Temporary Autonomous Television (T.A.T.V.) is a 3 day constant stream of experimental
music, performance, films and talks.
AL de La Algaida (with special guest Francesca Carbone)
Cedrik Fermont
Del_F64.0 (Antigenitalistic Rrrriot)
Jealousy Party
Jorge Vicario
Korhan Erel
Phill Niblock
Pia Achternkamp
String Trio (Munsha, Hopek Quirin, Jochen Arbeit)
Udo Noll

Musikfonds - NEUSTART Kultur