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valby vokalgruppe + squid libets

24 May 2011 - 20:30
24 May 2011 - 23:59

valby vokalgruppe was formed as an experiment into what it is possible to do with the voice and with voices together. The compositions are made partly from improvisations and partly by the leader of the choir Anja Jacobsen, and are based on sounds, rythmical patterns and very close harmonics. They have arisen mainly from a fascination with congolese pygme singing, but also minimalistic patterns and melodies have found their way into the repertoire. The choir always performs off stage, establishing a strong field of concentration between the choir members, which often makes the live performances resemble some kind of a ritual more than a concert.

Currently the choir consists of Sonja LaBianca, Jaleh Negari, Cæcilie Trier and Anja Jacobsen.


Squid Libets
play music that could sway underwater repeating like waves or breaking into foam crashing on rocks, enjoying the experience of swimming naked into the romantic deep sides of the heart

drums Janja Pervan
guitar Zelda Panda
bass Johanna Olausson
guitar, vocals Raliza Nikolowa