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Valentina Vuksic

Born in Munich in 1974, lives in Zurich since 2001 and in Amsterdam since 2008.

Her work is a “digitaly” approach via microphones for magnetic fields. With choreographies for computer software, computer and computer parts, she puts them in place as actors of software/noise pieces for and in computers.
She works with machanic noises as mediators to a public. They reveal the activities of processes taking place between computer programs -in the widest sense- and the computers they are running on. She looks at time and space of the computer processor (CPU) and the computer memory (RAM) as a level of reality. Processing software is creating own temporal and spatial dimensions, which she modulates and stage for a public. She aims for a sensual understanding of the analytical sphere, including its error-proneness due to complexity as well as the fact that the physical world (hardware) meets logic (software). This can sound specific in each case.