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weasel walter / mary halvorson / peter evans

7 May 2009 - 21:00

Weasel Walter (Flying Luttenbachers, XBRX, Burmese)

Mary Halvorson (Anthony Braxton’s Diamond Curtainwall Trio, Trevor Dunn’s Trio-Convulsant)

Peter Evans (International Contemporary Ensemble)

The Walter/Halvorson/Evans Trio is a ongoing formation featuring three of the most iconoclastic, distinctive young improvisers from the contemporary U.S. scene. The modus operandi of the trio is pure free improvisation performed with lightning reflexes and an blisteringly articulate combination of speed, structure and sensitivity. From a whisper to a roar, the unexpected is always expected when these three perform. The group continues to tour supporting their upcoming CD release on Walter's ugEXPLODE record label as well as a live DVD release.

+ DJ Hale-Bopp (D. Strauss, Exberliner Music Editor)


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"Peter Evans is an astonishing new voice on that most demanding of instruments - the trumpet. This set of solo improvisations locates Evans at the centre of the next generation of players."

Peter Evans moved to New York City in 2003 after graduating Oberlin Conservatory and began working in a wide variety of areas including solo performance, chamber orchestras, performance art, free improvised settings, electro-acoustic music and composition. In addition to performing solo, his ongoing projects include the Peter Evans Quartet, Moppa Elliott's terrorist bebop band Mostly Other People Do the Killing, the hyperactive free-improvisation duo Sparks (with Tom Blancarte). Evans has also performed with contemporary new music ensembles such as the International Contemporary Ensemble, Alarm Will Sound, Continuum, and Ensemble 21 in addition to collaborations with John Zorn, Peter Brotzmann, Han Bennink, Okkyung Lee, Taylor Ho Bynum, Perry Robinson, Jim Black, Evan Parker and Ned Rothenberg. Evans has performed at venues and festivals in the U.S., Canada, Europe, the UK, and Southeast Asia. Recordings include “More is More”, a solo trumpet album on Evan Parker's psi imprint.


“Light years ahead of her peers, (Halvorson) is the most impressive guitarist of her generation. The future of jazz guitar starts here.” (Troy Collins, All About Jazz, October 2008) 

Guitarist/composer Mary Halvorson has been active in New York since 2002, following jazz studies at Wesleyan University and the New School. In addition to her own band, The Mary Halvorson Trio, she co-leads a chamber music duo with violist Jessica Pavone and the avant-rock band, People, with drummer Kevin Shea. A veteran of the ensembles of esteemed saxophonist/composer Anthony Braxton, she has also performed with groups led by Tim Berne, Taylor Ho Bynum, Trevor Dunn, Tony Malaby, Nicole Mitchell, Matana Roberts, Elliott Sharp and John Tchicai among many others.
In 2008, the success of her trio’s debut "Dragon’s Head" (Firehouse 12 Records), led critics to call Halvorson “probably the most original jazz guitarist to emerge this decade” (Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader) and “the freshest, busiest, most critically acclaimed guitar-slinger out of downtown Manhattan/Brooklyn right now” (Howard Mandel, Jazz Beyond Jazz).


„The short, sharp blasts of aggression, the ultraproductive hyperactivity, the music-making, songwriting, touring, roadie-ing, multiple band juggling on the part of all members (including new bass player Ed Rodriguez) – if this is maturity, then it encompasses an awareness of time as something one races against, trying to do and make as much as possible before Mother Nature claims her destroyers ... (SF bay guardian online on XBRX)

Weasel Walter (first name, last name) is an Oakland, California based drummer, composer and improviser best known for leading the seminal punk-jazz/no wave band The Flying Luttenbachers between 1991 and 2007 on 16 full-length releases. Seamlessly uniting the intensity and abstraction of improvised musics with the nihilistic aesthetic of extreme rock forms, Walter is committed to speed, unpredictability and articulation of sound. During '90s, Weasel Walter was a catalyst in various scenes within the Chicago music undeground playing with improvised music luminaries such as Kevin Drumm, Ken Vandermark, Jeb Bishop, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Jim O'Rourke, Mars Williams, Jeff Parker and Michael Zerang as well as scores of experimental rock bands centered around the Skin Graft record label like the Flying Luttenbachers, Lake Of Dracula and Bobby Conn. Relocating from Chicago to Oakland in 2003, Walter continued this path, performing and recording with improvisers like Marshall Allen, John Butcher, William Winant, John Lindberg, Peter Evans, Vinny Golia, Marco Eneidi, Lisle Ellis, Marc Edwards, Calvin Weston, Mary Halvorson, Greg Kelley,  Gianni Gebbia, Frank Gratkowski, Joe Morris, Paul Flaherty, Birgit Ulher and Bruce Ackley as well as playing in prominent underground rock bands like Burmese, Lair of the Minotaur, Erase Errata and XBXRX.