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weltAusstellung - DISASTER

3 Oct 2013 - 21:00
DOORS 20:00 Uhr, concert starts 21:00 Uhr.
is a situational alliance of noise-makers, visual artists, improvisers and composers of the absurd, based in Düsseldorf and Berlin.  - Peter Issig - Anja Lautermann - Uwe Möllhusen - Thilo Schölpen -
They work in the field of sound-action, sound-installation, radio-art, music-theatre and soundtrackism.
They wring unsettled ideas from a wide range of sound-sources of their own invention, varying their approach in order to experiment with a range of methods and standards.
“We play each sound object that passes the test of significance from massage tools to Styrofoam, from selfmade electronics to piano. We are not interested in the latest sound technology but in the raw and direct signal, which is the basic principle of absurd composition. Absurd composition tends to be doomed to failure and delivers an unexpected twist. Our ambition is to transgress from the internal motivation (of the composition) to the point of failure.”
weltAusstellung`s current mission is an electro-acoustic noise-action with elements of the physical and playful:
(of unstable states)
1. historical disaster  2. present disaster = debauch  3. prospective disaster