Zahra Mani

Zahra Mani

Zahra Mani (UK / PK, lives in Austria & Croatia) is a musician, composer, sound artist, radio artist and producer. Her work focuses on complex resonances and liminal sounds and spaces. Instruments include double bass, bass guitar, guitar, piano, and keyboards and laptop with various hardware & software.
Live, she plays bass guitar and creates pulsing, shifting soundscapes derived from her burgeoning archive of instrumental and found sound that she has been recording and developing for years, combining field recordings, voices, instruments, machines, the sea, the wind, animals and landscapes to create her unique sound.
She works regularly with Mia Zabelka (AT), with Lydia Lunch & Mia Zabelka in the experimental trio Medusa's Bed and plays solo and in various international ensembles.
She has played with artists including Pauline Oliveros, Franz Hautzinger, Electric Indigo, Rie Nakajima, Mia Makela, Elise Passavant.

Voutchkova/Thieke Duo + Xenia: Nosova/Härdig/Mani

14 Dec 2019 - 20:30

Voutchkova/Thieke Duo: Biliana Voutchkova – violin, voice; Michael Thieke – clarinet

Xenia: Olga Nosova – drums, vocals, electronics; Sofia Härdig – voice, guitar, electronics; Zahra Mani – bass, electronics