Amélie Ravalec

Amélie Ravalec

20-year-old Amélie Ravalec released her first self-funded documentary Paris/Berlin: 20 Years of Underground Techno in May 2012. It has since been screened in over 15 countries, translated in 5 languages and presented in countless clubs, cultural events, cinemas and festivals worldwide.

Amélie co-founded the French-Belgium based foundation Fondation Sonore in 2011 focusing on industrial techno and experimental music hosting unique music and cultural events as well as starting a record & cassette label. The label's first release by Ancient Methods and Kareem sold out in weeks and the second release by Adam X (Sonic Groove) is set to do the same.

Her background in film making started with video production and live recordings for international labels and events for Stroboscopic Artefacts (IT), Sandwell District (US/UK), ANBB (DE), Grounded Theory (DE), Test Festival (ESP) and Rex Club (FR) to name a few. Amélie has also performed DJ and VJ sets throughout Europe as well as producing several commissioned music videos for Makaton (UK), Silent Servant (USA), Tomohiko Sagae (Japan), Claudio PRC (Italy), and Northern Structures (Denmark).

Amélie is currently working on her second documentary Industrial Soundtrack Of The Urban Decay, focusing on industrial and experimental music, as well as  working freelance on editing projects and collaborating with a Berlin based media and arts agency.

Paris/Berlin: 20 years of underground techno

25 Jan 2013 - 21:00

This event is part of the reSource 003: P2P Vorspiel presented by transmediale and CTM Festival

Screening of the music documentary "Paris/Berlin: 20 years of underground techno" Directed by Amélie Ravalec.

This 52” documentary tells the story of an underground movement, from its beginning until now. Born in Detroit in the late 80s, techno met its audience a few years later in Europe, as the UK, Germany, France and many others countries started to host
the foundations of a techno scene.

The screening will be followed by a performance by Insultor (audio cassettes & dictaphones, turntables, Berlin)