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Anja Jacobsen


Anja Jacobsen


Anja Jacobsen is a Danish composer, singer, and drummer. She is the leader of Valby Vokalgruppe, drummer, and co-composer in Selvhenter and behind the solo project Frk. Jacobsen. She is co-founder of the art collective “Eget Værelse” (A room of one's own) and active in various collaborations, e.g. “Drums” - a piece created by the four composers/drummers Michaela Antalova (SK), Øyvind Skarbø (NO), Chris Corsano (US) and Anja Jacobsen.

Planned release of the album 'Bah New Era' by Valby Vokalgruppe.
Five performances of 'Oum' at Mayhem, Nordvest, Copenhagen.
Release of the album 'Frk. B. Fricka' by Selvhenter.
Recording of the album 'Bah New Era' by Valby Vokalgruppe.
Teaching composition for a week together with Cæcilie Trier at 'Det jyske Musikkonservaorium' (The Music Conservatory of Jutland).

Valby Vokalgruppe works together with the band 'Skammens Vogn' and composer Toke Tietze Mortensen and perform concerts at 'Wundergrund Festival' in Copenhagen.
Valby Vokalgruppe concert at the 'Gloria' stage, Roskilde Festival.
Selvhenter concert at the 'Pavillion Junior' stage, Roskilde Festival.
Valby Vokalgruppe concerts at 'Ausland', Berlin, and 'Ancienne Belgique', Bruxelles.
Composer of the vocal performance 'Klump-skov-cirkel-klump' with 35 singers, performed at Jazz Club Loco's 10th aniversary at 'Stengade 30', Copenhagen.
Recording of the album 'Frk. B. Fricka' by Selvhenter in Echo studio, with PeterPeter as co-producer.

Selvhenter tour in Denmark, Sweden and Iceland, with 3 concerts at 'Iceland Airwaves Festival' in Reykjavik.
Co-founder of the art collective 'Eget Værelse', see:
Valby Vokalgruppe participates in the project 'Konokone' at 'My World Images Festival' in Copenhagen with concerts at 'Charlottenborg' and 'Blågårds Plads Festival' in Copenhagen, and 'Atlas' in Aarhus.
Valby Vokalgruppe and Selvhenter concerts at 'Ordets Område', Roskilde Festival.
Release of the 10” vinyl 'De Syv Mundes Fest” by Valby Vokalgruppe.
Valby Vokalgruppe concerts at Göteborg Art Sound Festival, Museet for Samtidskunst (Museum of Contemporary Art) in Roskilde and 'Blågårds Plads Festival' in Copenhagen.
Receives a 80.000 dkr. working scholarship from the Danish Arts Counsil.
Release of the 10” vinyl 'Selvhenter' by Selvhenter.

2009-2012 drummer, percussionist and singer in the band 'Frisk Frugt'.
The film director and photographer Vincent Moon films a concert with Valby Vokalgruppe in an apartment in Copenhagen, see:
Receives a 100.000 dkr. scholarship for composing from DJBFA (Danish Jazz, beat and folk authors).
Valby Vokalgruppe participates in Vincent Moon's project 'Temporary Copenhagen', see:
6 weeks musical study tour in Mali and Burkina Faso together with composer and musician Anders Lauge Meldgaard.

2008 – 2012, Founder, composer and leader of Valby Vokalgruppe.
2008 – 2012, Co-composer and drummer in the band Selvhenter.
2008 – 2009, Co-composer and percussionist in the minimalist percussion ensemble 'Paradisets Børn'.
Concerts at the 'CMJ Festival' in New York with Kirsten Ketsjer.
Concerts at the 'Astoria' stage, Roskilde Festival, with Kirsten Ketsjer and the Yoyooyoy Special Occasion Orchestra.
Creates and performes the solo performance 'Labyrintens Æg', at the 'AFUK' stage, Copenhagen.
Concerts with Kirsten Ketsjer at 'South By Southwest Festival' in Austin, Texas.

Tour in Denmark and Sweden with 'The Yoyooyoy Multi Show'.
3 months study tour and 14 concerts in New York and around with Kirsten Ketsjer.
Release of the album 'Ffff k tsscch' by Kirsten Ketsjer.

Director of the theater play 'Fri Energi', performed at 'Scene1', Nordvest, Copenhagen.

2005-2007, Co-composer, singer and drummer in the band 'Jajasoo'.
Receives the talent prize 'The Young and Coming' from Jazz Club Loco.
Release of the album 'Jeg skal snart ind' by Kirsten Ketsjer.
Creates and performs the solo performance 'Krigeren vågner' at 'Scene1', Nordvest, Copenhagen.

2004 – 2009, Co-composer, drummer and lead singer of the band 'Kirsten Ketsjer - the Rock Band'.
Tours in Denmark, Germany, Norway and the US.
Release of the EP 'Risky Business' by Kirsten Ketsjer.
Composer and actress in the childrens theather play 'Pinnocchio', performed at 10 different schools on Sealand.

1997-1999 Co-composer and lead singer of the band 'Colorful'.

1991 Singer on the childrens album 'Bar’ jeg ka' by 'Lotte Kærsåe og Græsrødderne'.

Miracles - Flüchtige Momente der schönen Musik

9 May 2014 - 20:00
9 May 2014 - 21:50

ausland proudly presents: Miracles - Flüchtige Momente der schönen Musik
Experimentell, unabhängig und anspruchsvoll wie üblich: Ein Smooth Jazz Abend im Rahmen des Festivals "Doofe Musik" im Haus der Kulturen der Welt mit The Understated Brown und Liz Allbee, Johnny Chang, Axel Dörner, Sabine Ercklentz, Hannes Lingens, Andrea Neumann und Derek Shirley als Super Group. Im Aufzug: Tracking Back The Backing Track - Klanginstallation

Songs We Taught Your Mother #2

19 May 2018 - 20:30
Songs we taught your mother 2: Anja Jacobsen, Maria Bertel, Sonja LaBianca, Verónica Mota, RENU

Dialogues with Recordings From The Music´s Past with:  RENU and Verónica Mota, Anja Jacobsen, Maria Bertel, Sonja Labianca