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After nearly 15 years, this website is being decommissioned. For a while, this old version will still be reachable, but it will no longer show reliable information about events at ausland,
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ausland presents jl guionnet in berlin/ausland

10 Sep 2014 - 21:00
10 Sep 2014 - 23:59

ausland invites french musician/visual artist Jean-Luc Guionnet for one week of concerts, lectures, performances, exhibitions, and film screenings done by or otherwise curated by mr. guionnet in and around ausland


TONIGHT :: CONCERT/LECTURE in ausland, featuring


annette krebs : new solo for strings, metal, objects, microphones, voices and electronics

conference with robin hayward : "Embodied Harmony"

guionnet / thomas ankersmit duo


doors 20h30, start 21h