Aya Metwalli

 Aya Metwalli (b.1988) is a singer/songwriter, composer, and producer from Cairo who has been performing her original material since November 2011. Described as “a musical enigma” by The Guardian, Metwalli has self-published over 30 songs and amassed over 3 million streams and over 35 thousand followers on Soundcloud. Starting with only her acoustic guitar and voice, she gradually expanded her live set after studying music production in 2014. She digitally self-released her debut EP "Beitak" toward the end of 2016 and has been revamping her sound and developing her modus operandi since. Lately, she has been making way for the influences of all the Egyptian pop as well as classics she listened to growing up to leak out of her subconsciousness and find their way onto a bedding course of what she calls "strange sounds coming out of synthesizers and drum machines." She uses sound modules to produce gritty textures and unsettling soundscapes, and her voice to explosively yowl what she has to sing, ever so flirting with the line between emotional resonance and fervor and the entertainment aspect of the pop diva identity. Her sound has been described as evocatively avant-pop, a horror film score, heavy, haunting, and all-encompassing. Besides music, Aya has also studied contemporary dance and is exploring theatre continuing to incorporate performativity into her live shows.



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