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Bill Baird

Bill Baird is a music composer, based in California. He makes music videos, television writing, teaches and explores the time of uncertainties. Formerly a member of Sound Team, Baird began performing solo in 2006, first as {{{Sunset}}} and later under his own name. Known and revered for his twisted humor, eccentric pop melodies, and ramshackle analog flair, Baird typically chooses to produce his records as fast and loose as possible to optimize creative results. He appeared in the 2010 documentary Echotone, a chronicle of the Austin, Texas music scene. He is currently studying experimental music at Mills College in Oakland, California.

hot hands and ears to the ground

13 Jun 2015 - 20:00
13 Jun 2015 - 23:59

An evening of experimental sounds and performance with Pedro Lopes (turntable percussion, PT), Bill Baird (musician & writer US) and Stefan Brunner (guitar & electronics, AUS)

This evening combines contemporary and improvised music, a live action public access television opera and collaborational performances.

Doors: 20:00, start: 21:00