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hot hands and ears to the ground

13 Jun 2015 - 20:00
13 Jun 2015 - 23:59

Pedro Lopes: turntable percussion
A turntablism solo that lives in between the realm of freely improvised music, percussion sounds and DIY instruments – an acoustic/analog exploration of sounds that often sounds electronic, a way to re-think the role of the turntable as an instrument vs. music player device.

Bill Baird: Novus Mundus
with: Marc Philipp Gabriel and tba
Bill will stage together with local collaborators a television opera at ausland: Mundus Novus is utilizing motion tracking, video score, spatialization, a laptop ensemble, acoustic and electric instruments, a lengthy libretto, and a healthy dose of dream logic. The work was conceived during a Dresher Ensemble artist residency in February 2015. An early draft was broadcast live on Berkeley Public Access TV. The first episode premiered at the 2015 Switchboard Music Festival in San Francisco, CA. The opera occurs within a nightmare being had by Amerigo Vespucci, famed Portuguese mapmaker and namesake of the North and South American continents. The title is taken from a tract written by Vespucci, consisting of letters to his patrons, the Medici family of Florence

Stefan Brunner and Pedro Lopes: The Hour of the Wolf
The evening will vanish into the woods: The Hour of the Wolf, an improvisational piece upon an associative score, created by Stefan Brunner. The piece is based on an associative “story”, divided into 8 chapters. Both musicians reflect upon the structural text to generate an ever changing piece which, while being fully improvised, is still based on the solid foundation of a common storyline. Unlike most improvisational methodologies, the associative and structural aspects present in Hour of the Wolf allow for rapid intercuts between the musicians and a multi-layered dialog of emotions, sounds and images.


Event curated by Désirée Förster