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Birdcage Tombola

12 Nov 2010 - 21:00

Birdcage Tombola

BIRDCAGE TOMBOLA is a solo pop music project for voice, keyboards, canned strings and electronic noodling. Separate speakers are used for each string part when playing live to produce a rich spatialised sound of discounted, canned strings. More we cannot afford. Sometimes, physical help permitting, leslie and organ also come to the show. The electronic noodling is done with a knob box.

This time, its with living and real string players ! Last time it was fabulous, even without, this time its going to be so good, you will cry.

with Sophia Baltatzi - violin, Angelina Kartsaki - violin, Johnny Chang - viola, Augustin Maurs-Cello, Mikaele Pellegrino - guitar, Christopher Williams - bass, Marcello Busato - drums


zuvor : Anton Tornister - Solo Cello

plays Pasolini for cello and pedal

The film »Teorema« by Pier Paolo Pasolini tells the story of a Milan bourgeois family in 1968. The father is a rich manufacturer, so the family leads a life not knowing any material difficulties. A telegram announces the unexpected visit of a stranger: the guest is a very handsome young man (Terence Stamp). Soon the whole family – the father, the mother (Silvana Mangano), the two children and the maid Emilia (Laura Betti) - are at his feet. When a second telegram urges him to leave, everyone reacts in their individual way. The bourgeois family falls apart and the into an identity crisis.

In his programme Anton Tornister describes with cello and pedal the very moment when the five who are left behind come to realise their loss.

Anton Tornister is Ansgar Wilken from Berlin / Bremen.
He was and is member of various bands and projects (such as: Ilse Lau, Julijuni, Diazo, Pneumo Twins) and runs the mini vinyl label Happy Zloty Records (Olaf Rupp, Perlonex, F.S. Blumm, Ensemble Sondarc, Chris Forsyth, Marcel Türkowsky and others)