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Cherry Sunkist

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Since 2004 Cherry Sunkist is producing and performing with Laptop, Guitar, Synths, Drumcomputer and her voice. Her music ranges from ambient soundcollages to melodious, pop-oriented songs,with an experimental demand. She is now signed on the young Vienna based Weird-Electronica-Label 22. Jahrhundertfuchs. In the last 3 years Cherry Sunkist played shows with the likes of PanSonic, Barbara Morgenstern or Kids on TV.

Cherry Sunkist, Krach der Roboter, Feedback and Disaster

21 Nov 2008 - 22:00

*Screening "Sound Stories" by Feedback and Disaster (with works by: Mariola Brillowska, Felix Kubin, Clemens Kogler, die Fuchteln and many more // *Live: Cherry Sunkist ( *Live: Krach der Roboter ( *DJ Zimmer *DJ Horace

Cherry Sunkist / comfortzone label tour

22 Sep 2011 - 21:00
Cherry Sunkist

Cherry Sunkist / comfortzone label tour




Cherry Sunkist

Crazy Bitch In A Cave