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Claudia Binder

Claudia Binder

Claudia Binder has lived in Zürich, Switzerland since 1986. She studied, as well as elsewhere, at the Creative Music Studio in Woodstock with George Lewis and performed John Cage`s Songbooks with German composer Dieter Schnebel. Concerts and festivals include: Willisau, Taktlos, Schaffhausen, Jazzherbst Konstanz, New Music America (Miami), LMC Festival London, Jazzfestival London, Suoni a Sound (Italy), Ear We Are Biel…And has played with John Butcher, Phil Durrant, Lol Coxhill, Stevie Wishart, Co Streiff, Hans Koch, Alfred Zimmerlin, Dorothea Schürch, Martin Schütz, Dieter Ulrich, Christian Weber, John Russell, George Lewis, Roger Turner, Priska Walss, Susann Wehrli, Gabriela Friedli, Jean-Marc Montera, Paul Hubweber, Carl-Ludwig Hübsch, Paul Hubweber, Joachim Zoepf, Tom Varner, Vinny Golia, Tomas Korber, Trixa Arnold….

‘… One can hear the influence of Charles Ives on pieces like "Etwas Flatterhaft" while Cagean techniques are applied on other numbers. The almost serial construction of "ist die Frage" contrasts with the string-scratching on "Honiglied" or the eerie buzzing strings on "City Night Lines", clearly the most surprising track (did she use an E-Bow to make them vibrate like that?). "Solo Piano" illustrates the creativity and versatility of the pianist and makes an enjoyable listen, thanks to Binder`s musical language constantly revised from one piece to the next. FRANCOIS COUTURE

Piano Spezial Shimomura/Eichmann+Weins/Binder+Rose

18 Jan 2013 - 21:00

Piano Spezial
Misa Shimomura - piano solo; Dietrich Eichmann - piano + Astrid Weins - doublebass; Claudia Binder - piano + Simon Rose - baritone/alto saxophones