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Piano Spezial Shimomura/Eichmann+Weins/Binder+Rose

18 Jan 2013 - 21:00

Piano Spezial

Misa Shimomura - piano solo

Dietrich Eichmann - piano
Astrid Weins - doublebass

Claudia Binder - piano
Simon Rose - baritone/alto saxophones

We start our concerts earlier now: Doors 8.30 / concert at 9pm already!

We're happy to invite you to another biegungen special piano night, you shouldn't miss!

With Misa Shimomura we have a wonderful and inventful pianist as a guest, devoted to free improvisation and the contemporary art scene. Hearing her playful and inspired recordings for the first time, the sheer necessity to invite her was immediately obvious. Impressive, partly Tayloresque elements like sound bursts or thoughtful meditations characterise her playing. She's been duetting with Fred Frith, and with her duo THIS=MISAxSAIKOU as well as a solo pianist one could experience her in the film "Touch the Sound - A Sound Journey with Evelyn Glennie" by Thomas Riedelsheimer. Apart from that she's repeatedly been working with film maker Werner Penzel, famous for his cinema direct Fred Frith documentary "Step across the border". As a pianist she also performs works by Johann Sebastian Bach and John Cage, as a composer she works for both film and radio.

The cooperation of Dietrich Eichmann and Astrid Weins ist equally promising. It's the German part of the New York-/Berlin-Group Pail Bug with Jeff Arnal on drums and second doublebass player John Hughes. But already as a duo they are absolutely playing their hearts out to create an uncompromising and intense musical atmosphere. Compositions by Dietrich Eichmann have been performed by renowned ensembles in international festivals, as a pianist and improviser he is actively involved in many international collaborations. His roots in jazz and improvised music combine with his radical aesthetic approach to musical composition. Astrid Weins' instrumental career was consequently going downhill. Via violin, saxophone, and bass clarinet, she found her final abyss (chasm) with the double bass. On this instrument she is a demanded specialist for innovative instrumental techniques and performed in various groups on international festivals. Her precise musical and intellectual grasp is highly estimated in many different contexts.

Finally there are pianist Claudia Binder and saxofone player Simon Rose. They first met while both performing solo at the Vortex, London, UK. While the musical references differ: Binder’s approach may be identified as relating to classical as well as Cagean, lowercase music while Rose’s influences include more ‘sonic’ and even ‘noise’ connotations, together they have a keen, mutually shared sense for exploring sound. This becomes expressed through the possibilities created by Binder’s imaginative attention to detail inside the piano and Rose’s use of overtones, multiphonics and percussive tonguing. This should be treat – state of the art improvisation. Claudia Binder has studied, as well as elsewhere, at the Creative Music Studio in Woodstock with George Lewis and performed John Cage`s Songbooks with German composer Dieter Schnebel. Simon Rose performances have ranged from solo to improvising orchestras in Europe, US and Canada. About his solo recording ‘Procession’ Cadence magazine wrote: "‘Procession’ is one of the finest statements from the saxophone I have ever had the pleasure to experience… Each piece is encyclopedic and grandiose without pretence, as witnessed in the opening of the aptly named ‘Ground Effect’."

doors open 20:30
concert starts 21:00

Initiative Neue Musik e.V.