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Construye Castillos en España + Reincarnation

31 Mar 2012 - 21:00
Construye Castillos en España by Eduard Mont de Palol

Eduard Mont de Palol presents “construye castillos en España” (building castles in Spain) which is the literal translation of the french idiom “construir des chateux en Espagne” which means “building castles in the sky”. He uses the articulation of text, dance and sound (a sound device which includes 2 e-guitars, 1 synthesizer, 1 microphone, 2 guitar amplifiers and 2 speakers) to “build” all those castles in a performative espace.

In one week she built the north side of the castle using Süddeutsche Zeitung’s interational pages and after screaming ‘give me no affliction’ seven times walls got solid and she could start working on the east, south and west sides.
The following week an owl said to her that down there lied a treasure, so she started digging with two quite well amplified e-guitars and that hole became a big swimmingpool.
After three weeks she finally realized that all this had nothing to do neither with Captain Toby Shandy nor with Land-Surveyor K. —nor with Rabi Sadok Ben Mamoun— and she will prove it to you while dancing on top of the watchtower.

A performance by Eduard Mont de Palol.


recovers by
Uli Ertl (voc, uk, mixinst) and Johanna Olausson (voc, db, mixinst)