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Continuity and Change

11 Mar 2014 - 17:30

Continuity and Change: Energy and Society after Fukushima 11.03.11

curated by Mo Loschelder and Manami N.

For the 3rd anniversary of the terrible catastrophe which has happened at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Plant in Japan on March 11th 2011 we, a group of musicians, artists and specialists (Japanese and German), want to gather and discuss with you the meaning of such disaster to all of us.

The program will be mainly in English but Japanese and German will be also spoken.

- We would appreciate if you bring your Geiger Counter!


17:30 Doors
18:00 Opening Speech
18:15 Screening & Talk: Manami N. & Daniél Kretschmar (TAZ) "Not Yet Over“
19:30 Break / Screening "When I Grow Up" Film by Caroline Bergmann
20:30 Talk: Udo Siegfriedt (DGS): Dangers and Consequences in Fukushima
21:00 Panel Discussion: Taichiro Kajimura, Thomas Dersee, Udo Siegfriedt
moderated by Manami N. & Mo Loschelder
21:45 Open Discussion(EN/DE/JP)
23:00 Video clip by Kyoka
Live Music by Midori Hirano aka MimiCof, live
Mieko Suzuki with NMN No More Nukes unlucky cats, DJ

*We will start on time.
*During a break, you can taste delicious Onigiri (Japanese Rice balls) served by Rice-UP.
*All profits will go to “Fukushima Children’s Fund”


18:15 „Not yet over“
In November 2013, Berlin based Musician Manami N. visited her home country Japan for the first time after the catastrophe in 2011.
During this visit and by filming a video documentary in Fukushima her understanding of that event turned from preconceived images by media into a "real" experience. Parallel to the screening, Manami N. and journalist Daniél Kretschmer (TAZ) who happened to be in Japan during the same period, will talk about their impressions of Japan's current society.

The video consists:
- Message from Katsurao Village, Fukushima
- 20km Zone from Fukushima Dai-ich
- Current Tokyo Anti Nuclear scene
- Fukushima Disaster through 4 women's eyes
Yukiko Mukai (Fukushima Children's Fund)
Mari Sasaki (Chernobyl Children's Fund)
Masako Sawai (Citizen's Nuclear Information Center)
(English subtitles: Aaron Best/ Jan-Philipp Frühsorge / Manami N.)

19:30 "When I Grow Up"
A documentary about childhood in Fukushima which focuses on feelings, anxieties and dreams of kids and their parents living in the capital of Fukushima prefecture, one year after the accident in the 70km distant Nuclear Power Plant Fukushima-Daiichi.

20:30 “Dangers and Consequences in Fukushima”
What has happened at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, what are present and future risks for the environment?
Why are there still so many problems after 3 years?
And why should Japan start with renewable energies immediately?

21:00 Panel discussion

Taichiro Kajimura
Political scientist and journalist, in Berlin since 1974

Thomas Dersee, Strahlen-Telex
Editor of the independent information service on radioactivity, radiation and health

Udo Siegfriedt, DGS
Electrical engineer and technical consultant for solar energy

Manami N.,
Mo Loschelder / Media Loca,

Midori Hirano
Mieko Suzuki,
Caroline Bergmann.

Media Loca,
Stars & Heroes,
DGS / Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sonnenenergie e.V.,
Rice-UP GmbH,
Fukushima Children's Fund, Japan,
Chernobyl Children’s Fund, Japan,
Citizens' Nuclear Information Center, Japan,
La-condition Japonaise e.V.
Sayonara Nukes Berlin,
No More Nukes ,
Aiko Aiko Okamoto


 Graphic support:
Osamu Inami,

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