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Corina S. Kwami

Corina S. Kwami

Corina S. Kwami is a performer of genres related to jazz music and dance. As a singer and tap dancer, she is motivated by the story-telling power of jazz and its potential for connecting people across genres using jazz as a medium. She has performed as a solo artist and with different bands covering big band swing, afro, soul and funk. Through her performance and passion for cities and planning more broadly as an academic, she has connected with people through jazz in several cities across the globe in countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Rwanda, United Kingdom, United States, Colombia and Myanmar.

Songs We Taught Your Mother Salon

20 May 2018 - 17:30

Salon mit Natasha A. Kelly und Corina Kwami

"Blues in Black and White"
performance lecture with Natasha A. Kelly and Corina S. Kwami
starts in time!