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Daniele De Santis

Daniele De Santis, picture taken from

Daniele De Santis is an eclectic drummer, percussionist and electronic music performer/producer (MDF) based in Rome. He is active as instrumentalist in several italian bands playing avant-jazz (s o l d e r w i r e , SAT ASAT, Accademia del Danno, Brassmati Aw!rkestra) and collaborating within varied musical contexts: including numerous appearances in the World Youth Chamber Orchestra, historical percussion group IPERTRIO (Francesco Lo Cascio, Mario Paliano, Pasquale Augello), the duo work with the extraordinary voice of Leila Adu and more.
MDF stands for MidiD'unFaune, the electronic music composition and performance project of Daniele De Santis. Thanks to an in-depth continuing research on timbre, the MDF production contents extend from multi-timbral magmas, drones and constantly changing sound ambiences to complex harmonic and polyrhythmic systems. This diversity allows the project to take place in performative research contexts as well on the dancefloor, using an heterogeneous language that naturally combines isolationist tendencies with abstract hip hop and IDM forms.

HORVS, the first MDF album released in April 2010 by Farmacia901, summarises the most experimental aspects of the project. The music is a progressive transfiguration of ultra-material sounds in ethereal abstractions. Moreover, the HORVS package is presented with an innovative graphic approach that is perfectly fused with the musical contents in a dense symbolic plan (

In the next April 2011 a new album will be released by Minus Habens Records presenting a series of new MDF tracks mostly oriented to glitch-hop and abstract beats. Some tracks feature the vocal presence of Leila Adu. A single, "Prendi Uno" (first meeting between MidiD'unFaune and Leila Adu's voice), has been released in the URB ALT Sampler-Tres Compilation, made available by the URB ALT community in free digital download for a limited period during 2010. The compilation includes also amazing tracks by Flying Lotus, Gonjasufi, Jneiro Jarel and many others.

Leila Adu + Mills Projects

25 Feb 2011 - 21:00

 Leila Adu: "Ode to the Unknown Factory Worker" - Record Release

Leila Adu - piano, keyboard, vocals
Daniele de Santis - drums, perc

“Avante-garde pop that recalls Nina Simon